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Are you needing a reliable company that can provide road marking in Exeter? Then you should get in touch with Yeomarks Lining Ltd today, and we can help each client with all their line markings throughout the whole Southwest of the country. We have multiple specialists who can deliver high quality thermoplastic line markings and can guarantee that each client that chooses us will be left 100% satisfied with the work we have completed. 


Our business has previously worked with West Somerset Council, Sodexo, South Somerset Council, Leonardo and many more, so you can be confident in knowing that our services be completed with great attention to detail. Since 1993, our hard working teams have consistently exceeded expectations and provided clients with a wide variety of impeccable services including car park linings, white lining, external factory linings and so much more. We can even line new projects, refurbish existing lines, convert old markings and burn off unwanted markings so you can start fresh.


You can be confident in knowing that each road marking in Exeter will always look tidy and be completed with great attention to detail so that it is perfect for every client that chooses to use our services. So whether you need school playground linings or large car park markings, we have the expertise that you need for all your specifications. Our materials are all glass embedded so that they are able to glow during the night so all road users can be safe on late night drives.


Our experts have a wealth of experience in this industry and carry out each seamless road marking in Exeter to the best standards possible. We will always use great quality materials, to ensure that each lining is visible and durable all year round, even through the horrible British weather.  Keeping up with road marking in Exeter is an essential part of safety, it is used to navigate and road users safe from hazards, so why not use the most reliable company available and achieve the best results possible.

If you are in need of road marking in Exeter, call us today on 07837708125 or alternatively you can use 01935 579 816. For any questions in regards to our business or equipment, you can email us at or our contact page and our team will be more than happy to assist you with anything you may need and support you through each process of your project.

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