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 Do You Need a Specialist Road Marking Service?

Are you in need of a company that can fulfil your specialist road marking service needs? Would you like a team of highly-skilled, professional engineers to provide you with comprehensive thermoplastic line marking solutions? When it comes to Yeomarks, a company that has over twenty six years of experience in this business, you know that you will be getting a quality finish. For all inquiries relating to new business, or would like to get in touch with us, we have a comprehensive list of contact details below.

Having grown year-on-year since being taken over by new ownership in 2016, Yeomarks is now a prominent specialist road marking service in Yeovil - having retained the same team of efficient, dedicated engineers, we have preserved all the experience in the new business. Although we are based in Yeovil, we are able to carry out a number of works throughout the south west of the country. For those that are uninitiated, the materials that we deal with are called thermoplastics - what these are is a type of plastic that, when heated, takes on a liquid state, but then returns to a solid once cooled. It is a widely used material, but is primarily utilised as a road surface marking, due to its durability.

As you will be able to see from our gallery page, Yeomarks is in a very good position to bring a variety of different thermoplastic lining services to you, in a public or private capacity. Whether you are a district council looking to convert pre-existing markings to suit updated requirements, a fitness centre seeking to refurbish existing lines, or have a new project on the horizon, with Yeomarks you will receive a specialist road marking service.

When looking for a company which can provide you with a specialist road marking service, in the Yeovil area or in the vicinity of Somerset, Yeomarks will be able to bring you an end-product that will have met all your requirements. If you are unsure how to best utilise our services and would like to make an initial enquiry, there is a nifty, user-friendly form on our website that we will endeavour to respond to in a timely fashion. 


For those that have a more specific idea of what they would like from us, there are two options to converse with our wonderful customer service members, you can call us at 01935 579816 or 07837 708125; or send an email to

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