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Do you need road markings on a private road? Are you looking for road marking in Dorset? Yeomarks Lining Limited is a thermoplastic line marking company that is situated in Yeovil, that was originally established in 1993. We provide a professional road marking service in Dorset and right throughout the Southwest, operating within a 100-mile radius of our headquarters in Yeovil.


Here at Yeomarks Lining, we have a team of line marking engineers that offer the best thermoplastic road marking in Dorset for your private or business needs. We can mark a range of line markings on roads, with this including lines, logos, numbers, letters and school playground games. Whether you need Yeomarks to refurbish the existing lines and road markings that are already marked or you need us to manipulate pre-formed thermoplastic where it’s required.


For the Yeomarks Lining team, no project is too small or too big, and our team will use the highest quality materials when marking the surfaces of your premises. This will offer longevity, safety and visibility all year round, and we will embed glass beads into the surface that will glow throughout the night.


We are an accredited contractor for the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme, or CHAS for short. This means that we are a professional and trustworthy road marking company that can provide a quality marking service and achieve great results with the road marking in Dorset. For more information on our line marking service, head over to our Road Marking Dorset page.

Do you need road marking in Dorset? You can contact Yeomarks Lining on 07837 708 125 or 01935 579 816, or you can send an email to with any queries you have. Alternatively, you can enquire by inserting all relevant information into the required fields of our Enquiry Form, and a member of our customer service team will look to reply to the query as soon as they can.

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